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    ARS, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative environmental sampling systems and research laboratory equipment. ARS is constantly improving current EPA sampling hardware in its own laboratory for more effectiveness and ease of use. ARS has several patents for its designs and has an ongoing commitment to supply the best hardware currently available for environmental research and engineering by both academia and industry.




ARS's Environmental Specialties:

  • All standard EPA method laboratory and field sampling glassware and accessories.

  • Improved EPA Method 5 ambient air analysis sampling trains and components.

  • Pyrex and Quartz smoke stack sampling probes of any length, with new grease free joints.

  • All standard and midget impingers, Greenberg-Smith, modified, & new ARS improved impingers.

  • Improved EPA Method 680 & 520 Radon-gas bubblers used in Radium-226 determination.

  • Patent inventor of EPA Method 630 system for determination of diothiocarbamates in wastewater.

  • Improved Carbon Disulfide Evolution Apparatus (CDEA) systems used for pesticide analysis.

  • Patent inventor of the NO-FLOODŽ Kuderna-Danish Synder column used in pesticide analysis.

  • Innovator of all new KD flasks, Synder Columns & Receiver Tubes using new interlocking joints.



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