ARS Staff Information







Ara Manukian
Avionics / Systems Engineer

CEO / Director of Engineering

Rudy Strohschein

Analytical Chemist

COO / Director of Operations

Lloyd Manukian, Esq.

Contracts / Corporate Attorney

Secretary & Agent



Bill Toreki III, PhD
Research Polymer Chemist

Director of Research & Development

Jim Estaver

Electrical / Materials

Engineering Manager

Belinda Manukian,


Director of Medical Technology





David Allen, PhD

High Temperature Materials Engineer

Ed George, P.E.

Metallurgical & Failure Analysis Engineer

Mark Buese, PhD

Research Polymer Chemist




James Bledsoe

Computer Engineer

Marelize Gray 
Office Manager

David Thirlwell

Graphics Design Consultant






Pearl Strohschein

QC & Shipping Manager

Andy Dowell 
Sales Manager

Perry M. Trenka

Senior Mechanist





Mike Newsad

Scientific Glassblower

Joffre Pegram

Scientific Glassblower

Vadi Samini

Scientific Glassblower


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