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     ARS, Inc. manufactures a wide range of specialized bio- reactor chambers and complete systems for use in agricultural, animal, biological, chemical, environmental, medical, pharmacological, veterinary and zoological sciences research.

Every chamber or system is built on order to meet each customer's specific research requirements. Your research tools are no longer limited to standard catalog items.

All ARS bio-reactors are a two-piece design consisting of an upper removable multi-port lid, and a lower chamber body which can be water-jacketed, and have access ports as well for drawing samples or introducing gases and other chemicals at the bottom.


Unique to all ARS designed bio-reactors, is a large multi-ported, flanged sampling lid. Each lid is completely made out of heavy- wall glass and can contain a wide range of inlet and outlet ports. These ports can include any number and size of standard-taper glass joints, threaded glass connectors, stopcocks and tube ports.

Port configurations are based on your specifications! Tell us what type of port and were you want it - and we will make it so.


Another benefit of an ARS designed bio-reactor, is the large opening created by the removable lid, which allows for placement of large samples, as well as thorough cleaning by allowing your hands to reach all surfaces inside the chamber. The removable lid is secured in place with a captured O-Ring and a Stainless- steel (316SS) quick-release latching clamp (no nuts or bolts).

All bio-reactor designs are tested in our own analytical laboratory to insure they meet with customer specs. All components are made from 100% borosilicate (Pyrex® / Kimax®) glass, completely custom fabricated at our facilities in Micanopy, Florida USA.

All wetted surfaces are chemically inert and the bio-reactor is fully autoclavable and, depending on choice of O-Ring material (Teflon®, Kalrez®, Graphite), can be heated to above 400 deg.



     All bioreactor components are modular. Multiple lids with different port types and configurations may be fitted to a single chamber body for different uses, or multiple bodies to a single lid. Order two bodies with a single lid to allow rapid swaps of biomaterial for near-continuous batch processing with virtually no down-time. Don't be afraid to ask for custom components - If it can be manufactured, then ARS can manufacture it!





Bioreactor Features and Options


Multi-Port Sampling Lids

  • Any Type, Size, and Number of ports can be placed on the removable lids.

  • Standard taper glass joints

  • Spherical ball and socket joints

  • Syringe septum ports

  • ACE-Threads® or Chem-Threads®

  • Direct hose/tubing connectors




Bioreactor Chamber Bodies

  • Different size top flanges can be attached to various size chambers

  • Opening sizes: 3", 4", 5", 6", or 8"

  • Chamber sizes: 1 to 100 liter capacity

  • Chambers can be made with different diameter and height ratios to yield any required volume

  • Water jackets can be added to any volume chamber (height-to-width ratios may be limited)

  • Various ports can be added to bottom


Our staff of scientists and engineers can also assist you in selecting any necessary sensors, gas and temperature control options you may need. We can provide any basic support components for a bio-reactor or build a fully automated turn-key pilot plant system with various Windows based software interfaces.


Possible Applications

  • Cell or Tissue Growth

  • Plant and Insect Volatile Collections

  • Liquid-Gas Exchange

  • Head-Space and VOC analysis

  • Pharmaceutical Drug Production

  • Specialized Chemical Reactions







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