Series GS Flowmeters




These precision borosilicate glass flowmeters are available with two tube lengths, 65 mm and 150 mm, and 18 different air and water flow ranges. Any model may be fitted with one or two floats to increase the operating range. Single float flowmeters have 10:1 turndown ratios, and dual float flowmeters have 20:1 turndown ratio. The GS series has been designed to maintain maximum pressures to 200 PSI and temperatures to 200 ºF.

These flowmeters are fitted with 1/8" FNPT inlet and outlet connections spaced 4 1/2" or 8 13/16" apart. An optional standard cartridge or precision control valve is available on either the inlet or outlet.

Accuracy 65mm - ± 5% Full Scale
150mm - ± 3% Full Scale
Body Extruded Aluminum
Tube Borosilicate Glass
Floats Black Glass
Stainless Steel
Temperature 200 ºF / 93 ºC Maximum
Pressure 200 PSI Maximum
End Blocks Aluminum
Stainless Steel
Fittings/Seals Brass
Stainless Steel
Valve None
Inlet or Outlet
Standard Cartridge
Seal Material BUNA-N

Custom options include direct reading scales instead of mm scales or even manifolded construction. Calibrated flow curves are included with standard mm scale flowmeters.



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