Digital Pressure Gauges & Controllers






Battery Pack Features


Spot checking flow & pressure

Makes standard meter Portable

Calibration of field instruments

Four portable meters in one package

No mechanical parts to fail

CE certified



      The Accessory Battery Pack (BPACK) option turns your mass flow or liquid flow meter into a portable measurement and calibration instrument. When combined with the M Series mass flow meter, the user can easily determine mass flow, pressure, temperature and volumetric flow of the process and then easily move on to another test point. The push button operator interface on the M Series makes it easy to scroll through the 13 gas select options to choose the specific gas of interest. With the standard RS232 interface that comes with the M Series, loading real-time calibration or test data into your laptop computer is simplified. When used with the L Series Liquid Flow meter, the display can indicate volumetric flow, gauge pressure and temperature of your process fluid. The battery pack can be placed on any of the M, V or L Series meters.  See specific meter specification sheet for available ranges.)


Why Choose This Accessory?



Design Features

Fits on any M Series Gas or Liquid Meter

Uses standard 9Vdc battery

Pass through connector allows access to all standard outputs

On-Off Switch


Signal output cables



Field Calibrator for flow and pressure devices

Leak Testing

Laboratory flow and pressure instrument

Process Integrity test device

Environmental monitoring system check



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