Mass & Volumetric Gas Flow Controllers






MC & VC-Series Features


Pressure, Temperature, Volumetric & Mass Flow

  Constantly Displayed (MC Series)

Easy push button operator interface

No Hot Wire Thermal Drift

Inherent Linearity


Private Label Available

NIST Traceability

Setpoint via Dynamic Digital Display

RS-232 Serial Output Standard


      The Laminar Flow Controllers utilize a proportional valve coupled to a flow meter body. Measurements are taken within the laminar region of the flow meter and the integral PID controller positions the valve according to the user programmed set points. These robust, closed-loop devices can accept a 0-5Vdc control set point from either external devices or optional Local Set Point Module (LSPM). The controllers can also accept an RS-232, 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA control input signal, depending on what is preferred by the customer. Independent of the set point voltages, the controllers can be configured for single or dual output signals of the same or different voltages and/or different parameters such as mass flow and temperature or flow and pressure. This is because our mass flow controllers incorporate solid-state Differential, Absolute Pressure and Temperature Sensors to determine flow. The result is an easy to use, fast responding meter that is inherently linear and can display or transmit multiple process parameters. With the RS232 digital link, all the process data is available simultaneously as well as remote set point capability. In a parallel connection, up to 26 units can be individually addressed. Gas units are available from 500 micro-liters per minute full scale to 1000+ liters per minute full scale. Dimensions are available on the back, however which foot print used will depend on operating conditions. (Volumetric meters do not require absolute pressure sensors or discrete temperature sensors and are therefore less expensive. They are commonly used in applications venting to atmosphere or with little to no back pressure.)


Why Choose These Flow Controllers?



Design Features

Full Scale Ranges from 0.5CCM to 1000LPM+

Response time of 100milliseconds typical

Turndown Ratio better than 100:1 Typical

Position Insensitive

Auto Tare or Push Button Tare on display units

Accuracy of +/-1% full scale (optional 0.5%)

13 Gas Selectability without recalibration (with display only)

Dynamic Digital Display

Local Control Capable



Local Set Point Module (LSPM)

Electrical Cables

AC/DC Power Adapter

Special Gas Blends

Remote Digital Displays

Customized Pressure Drop

Independent Output of Variables





Process Control



Thermal Mass Meter Replacement

Leak Testing




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