Mass & Volumetric Gas Flow Meters






M & V-Series Features


• No Hot Wire Thermal Drift

• Inherent Linearity

• No Mechanical Parts to Service or Fail

• Simultaneous Display of all Mass Flow Parameters

• CE

• Private Label Available

• NIST Traceability

• Ultra Low-Flow Measurements

• Easy Operator Push Button Interface


The M and V series flow meters use two of the best-studied physical properties of gases to measure flow: Pressure and Viscosity. Differential pressure measurement, across a laminar flow element, results in a flow meter that is inherently linear. These flow meters measure differential pressure within the laminar region, to achieve a turndown ratio better than 100:1 typical. Gas units are available with a very wide range of measurement, starting at 500 micro-liters per minute full scale to 1000+ liters per minute full scale in four footprints.


The M series "NON-THERMAL" Mass Flow Meters use discrete Differential Pressure,

Absolute Pressure, and Temperature Sensor measurements within the laminar flow region to determine mass flow. The embedded microprocessor provides a software-based STP calculation compensated for pressure and temperature to standard conditions (1 atmosphere 25ฐCelsius). The M series addresses the limitations of thermal mass flow technologies, as there is no "Hot Wire" drift. The unit has an adjustable response time starting from 10 milliseconds. The dynamic display shows mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature and absolute pressure simultaneously. With the push button interface, the user can select the primary display, gas of interest (13 standard gases featured), adjust meter response time or tare the meter at zero flow. The optional battery pack makes for a powerful test and calibration tool.


The V series Volumetric Gas Flow Meters are designed for applications venting to atmosphere, with little to no backpressure. They do not include absolute pressure or discrete temperature sensors, which makes them an affordable alternative to mass flow meters. As with

the M Series, the volumetric flow meters use discrete differential pressure sensor measurements within the laminar flow region to determine flow.



Why Choose These Flow Meters?



Design Features

• Full Scale Ranges from 0.5CCM to 1000LPM+

• Response time of 10milliseconds typical

• Typical Low Pressure Drop of 10" Water Column or better

• Turndown Ratio of 100:1 typical

• Position Insensitive

• Push Button Tare

• Accuracy of +/-1% full scale with optional +/-0.5% full scale

• 13 Gas Selectability without recalibration (with display only)

• Dynamic Digital Display



• Electrical Cables

• AC/DC Power Adapter

• Special Gas Blends

• Remote Digital Displays (RDD)

• Customized Pressure Drop

• Battery Pack (creates portable 4 in one test meter)

• Independent Output of Variables



• Medical

• Industrial

• Process Control

• Laboratory


• Thermal Mass Meter Replacement

• Leak Testing




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