Chemical Pilot Plant Equipment






ARS, Inc. is a manufacturer of complete turn key small to medium sized process plant systems. ARS is unique in that we manufacture 100% in-house, all related components for chemical pilot plant systems which allows us to build these systems to your specifications or unique requirements. 




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Fully-welded, heavy-duty construction

All 316 stainless steel

Designed for stationary or mobile applications

Even weight distribution over large area


No Metal-to-metal contact: 3/16" neoprene rubber cushioning

Available in 2L - 200L flask

Options include: wheels, handles, etc

Fully customizable




Industrial Controls

  • Stand alone or computer interfaced PLC control systems.

  • Complete on-site or remote monitoring systems for any process parameter.

  • Non-intrusive optical & ultrasonic liquid level and flow control.

  • All digital temperature, vacuum, pressure control systems with several alarm options.

  • NEMA 4X, 12 or NEC Class 1 controller chassis with solid state components.




Glass Components

  • 3", 4", 5", 6", & 8" diameter Pyrex distillation columns of any length.

  • Sensor ports, take-offs, joints, flanges, tube ends, or any type of connections.

  • Greaseless O-ring fittings and flanges using quick release stainless steel retaining clamps.

  • Specialized geometry reactors and boilers, custom feed-stocks and take-offs.

  • High vacuum or pressure stopcocks, sampling ports and valves.





Heating Systems

  • Complete electrical heater line for any application from 100 to 100 kW.

  • Custom engineered, high energy transfer heaters for continuous flow applications.

  • Specialized heaters designed for high pressure or vacuum applications.




ARS's staff of professional engineers and chemists are constantly designing new chemical processes and methodologies to improve current batch and continuous process distillation and reaction techniques, in addition to improving product designs.






ARS is the patent holder and exclusive manufacturer of Kuderna-Danish No-Flood apparatus. See what this unique glassware is all about!


ARS also offers a wide array of instrumentation for Chemical Process Plant applications.