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Analytical Research Systems manufactures a wide range of standard and custom scientific instruments and components for laboratory research use in Agricultural, Animal, Biological, Horticultural, Entomological, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Soil & Water and Veterinary Sciences. ARS also provides support services for the development of new products for unique or specialized applications when standard hardware is not acceptable.


Insects  feed on an artificial diet encapsulated in a special polymer packet. These parasitic insects will be released into the environment as "beneficial insects" where they will feast on harmful insects to help control the populations of pest insects. ARS is currently working on a grant with the USDA to develop new polymers to contain the artificial insect diet and new manufacturing techniques to mass produce these packets. Mass production of the diet will enable the rearing of billions of these beneficial insects to help reduce the dependency on chemical pesticides for agricultural crop production.





Other Life Science Research Products Manufactured TO YOUR SPECIFICATION:

  • Custom scientific laboratory glassware made from Pyrex® or quartz glass.

  • Chemically inert, air-tight, Extra-large Chambers for use with large plants or animals.

  • Bioassay Wind Tunnels of any size, wind velocity and inlet ports for response & choice testing.

  • Various Olfactometers used for pheromone, EAG, or other chemical stimulant testing.

  • Distillation equipment. All standard laboratory Pyrex® or quartz glass distillation apparatus and accessories, as well as custom versions with extra ports or features as needed. Large capacity condensers and chemical reactors which can be used in vacuum or pressurized chemical processes.

  • High Vacuum Manifolds, LN2 cold traps, and valves used in sample preparation and processing.

  • All glass Gas bubblers / spargers of any capacity with pressure tight compression joints.

  • Environmental / Growth Chamber components and accessories. Modifications and retrofits, HID PAR Sodium & Metal Halide lighting systems, digital timers & programmable controllers, hydroponic systems, gas and flow controllers, temperature control & monitoring systems.

  • Sensors and Monitoring Systems for any process. Temperature, light, humidity, wind-speed pressure, moisture, specific ion, pH, direction, stress, etc.. Miniature portable / remote data loggers.

  • Pure Air Filtration Systems, gas dryers, generators, and air delivery systems for use in laboratories or with closed environments and chambers, designed, custom-built, and installed on-site.



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