Wind Tunnel Pricing




ARS manufactures standard and custom sized bio-assay wind-tunnels for any application.  These wind-tunnels are constructed out of 100% clear heavy wall acrylic plastic (however other colors are available), which is framed by a high-quality aluminum structural system.  All of ARSís wind-tunnels have flanged ends in which diffusing and filtering media are placed and compressed using a series of bolts. This media is an activated charcoal-impregnated fiber, which when compressed serves two purposes:  Firstly, as an air diffuser to develop high back-pressure on one side and produce a uniform / laminar flow through the media as the air passes to the low pressure side; and Secondly, as a hydrocarbon filter to remove ambient VOCís from the bioassay environment. 


These wind-tunnels can have any number of access ports or doors and are able to be completely disassembled for alternating the configuration.  Both access doors open to nearly their full length allowing maximum access and easy interior cleaning.  Additionally all of ARSís tunnels use a remotely connected high speed AC or DC blower motor which can cover wind velocities from 10 to 150 cm/sec (30,000 L/min flow).  Higher velocities are available.  The motor is connected to the tunnel via a flexible aluminum duct which minimizes noise from the blower and isolates vibrations.

All Wind-Tunnels listed below are fully assembled and include all parts & labor, activated carbon air inlet filtration system, (2) large sliding top front & rear access door panels (3) volatile (odor) source ports, 4" or 6"diameter air exit duct and 10 ft. of flexible aluminum ducting.

P/N# OLFM-WT-12X12
12" x 12" x 4 ft. OAL Bioassay Wind-Tunnel, 4" duct $3,000.00

P/N# OLFM-WT-16X16
16" x 16" x 5 ft. OAL Bioassay Wind-Tunnel, 4" duct $3,500.00
P/N# OLFM-WT-20X20
20" x 20" x 6 ft. OAL Bioassay Wind-Tunnel, 6" duct $4,000.00

P/N# OLFM-WT-24X24
24" x 24" x 7 ft. OAL Bioassay Wind-Tunnel, 6" duct $5,000.00

Other Non-Standard Sizes are available Ė Call for pricing $$

Additional side door access ports are available and cost $200 per door and can be placed anywhere on the tunnel. Additional accessories, ducting & custom options are available Ė Call for pricing.





Customer can supply their own or separately purchase electric blower motors.  All blower motors are separately mounted on a floor stand and include a 4" to 6" diameter inlet port for connecting flex ducting to the main wind-tunnel and come factory pre-wired for 120V or 240V 50/60Hz AC.



( X=1 for 120 VAC or X=2 for 240 VAC ) $600.00


Electric blower (suction) motor for 12"-to-24" cross-section Wind-Tunnels capable of providing 0-to-5 MPH (225 cm/sec) wind-velocities. Shaded-pole blower capable of moving up to 1,800 CFM (51,000 LPM) max. at 0.5" SP.




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